Saturday, July 16, 2011

ArchLinux and .pacnew files

After a system update with using pacman on ArchLinux, you will probably have some core configuration files that are out of date. Pacman handles this by creating new config files and appending .pacnew to their name. Here's a simple script to find all the pacnew files and merge them with the your current config files using meld:

for PACNEW_FILE in `find /etc/ -name "*.pacnew"`; do
    BASE_FILE=`echo $PACNEW_FILE | sed '/\.pacnew//'`;
    echo -n "Remove the file $PACNEW_FILE ? [y|n] ";
    read -n 1 CHOICE
    if [ "$CHOICE" = "y" ]; then
        rm $PACNEW_FILE;